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Thinking Outside the Box: Selling Print-Ready Button Graphics

One of our goals with The Button Blog has always been to broaden the horizons of your button making world in a variety of ways. In addition to telling you about all of the many button varieties that are possible to make, and providing you with various resources to help you make them, we also want to present you with ideas that can help you achieve a return on the investment of time and money that you put into your button making. This particular blog post is one of those, and today's idea comes from Etsy, where an enterprising craft enthusiast has provided us all with a unique means of generating extra revenue by selling ready-to-print button graphics. friendly-aliensThe Etsy entry that inspired this post is called "Friendly Aliens - A Black Background" and features exactly that: friendly aliens. As you can see in the description, the graphics are made for 2.25 inch buttons. Typically you see items like this sold for between $1-$5. And, of course, we were excited to read this blurb in the description as well:
This template size is based on American Button Machines' template, to make 2.25” button.
So now the question is: why not you? You can use our button making templates for program like Photoshop (see the sidebar for other program options) and tutorial videos to help get you started, then use a website like Etsy as the infrastructure to launch your own store. Plus, you can contact us with your graphics and possibly be featured in our Customer Spotlight! It's truly a win-win-win for any craft enthusiast. Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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