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Buttons For Change - Camp Howe Makes Memories with Button Fun

Buttons for Change

Camp Howe is a summer camp program that focuses on learning to appreciate, Buttonsunderstand and even celebrate individuality.  Summer may have come to a close, but not only have these happy campers made new lifelong friendships and amazing memories, they have a tangible reminder of their time at Camp Howe because they were sent home with a great souvenir - a button!  Through our Buttons for Change program, all of the campers were able to share in the fun of making buttons with their brand new button making kit provided by ABM and it has become a new tradition that they intend to continue through the years.

ABM had the pleasure of speaking to Terrie, executive director at Camp Howe, and here's what she had to say, "I had my director and his family staying with me Button Makerand his 10 year old daughter had a backpack full of pins as she was heading out the door to catch her plane to Wales, UK. Our use of the badge maker turned out to be different than I had anticipated. Originally, we wanted it so each camper could make a badge as a name tag so we can break down the barriers of having to ask the name of someone you didn't know and build community at our camp. We did do this and it did aid in community building. The unexpected aspect was that we initially pulled the machine out with a child that was struggling with a group one day. With him, we read the directions and Dream Big Buttonpracticed making them... this was the start of something more. He became the expert in the use of the machine and for the rest of the summer was training staff and campers alike how to use it. During his practice period, he chose to make badges as gifts for other people and this tradition lasted throughout the summer. Our campers would make one for themselves and then make them for other people, sometimes with the other's names on it but often with inspirational quotes or fun designs. This became an all inclusive act of kindness in which anyone could partake in and we found for many youth with disabilities, it was a means of making connections. We will no doubt continue this tradition. Thank you for this wonderful addition to our camp."

Hearing stories like this and seeing the smiles on these precious faces are whyDesigning Buttons Team ABM is so very proud and honored to be able to help make it all possible, with your generosity to Buttons for Change.  Together, we are all changing the world - one button at a time!

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The Pinback Button Making Community

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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