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Do I Really Need a Graphic Cutter To Make Buttons? Button Making Questions, Ask ABM

Button Making Questions Answered, Ask ABM

Do I really need a graphic cutter to make buttons?  Why can't I just use scissors?  These are some of the first questions we hear when someone new is considering making buttons and this week, Team ABM is here to answer!

First, do you really need a cutter to make buttons?  The answer is yes!  Button graphics have to be cut to very specific sizes in order for your button to crimp Button With Graphic Too Smalltogether properly and for the graphic to stay straight on the face of the button.  If it's too big, the button won't stay together and if it's too small, it can slide and be off center.  Neither of these are good and they can both be prevented by making sure your graphic is cut to the correct, precise size by using a cutter designed for your button size.

Why can't I just use scissors?  We unfortunately hear this one way too often.  We always recommend a button making kit that includes everything you need to get Button With Graphic Cut Unevenstarted (plus free shipping and software) to new button makers just getting their start but then we hear the dreaded words, "I don't need a cutter.  I'm going to use scissors."  That sounds like the simple, cost effective solution if you've never made buttons but please believe the button ninjas at ABM when we tell you, that is just not a good idea.  If you are making any quantity of buttons that is going to become exhausting very quickly and time consuming.  Beyond the fatigue factor and loss of minutes you can never get back, it is almost impossible to cut an exact, perfect circle every time with scissors.  When you have those extra little edges left around the outside of your button, you will end up with mylar sticking out on the side and more than likely a button that won't stay together.  Quite simply, it just won't work.

Button making should be fun so help yourself make it fun and avoid the frustration by starting with the right equipment, like a button making kit from ABM!  You can keep that awesome new equipment working in tip top shape for years to come with our great maintenance videos in the Button Blog.

The Pinback Button Making Community

Remember Team ABM is here to help you in your button making adventures so never hesitate to reach out.  You can also join 1600+ button makers in The Pinback Button Community for tips, tricks and advice any time from the best and brightest button makers in the industry!  Until next time, happy button making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM


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