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Best Circle Cutter for Scrapbook Projects

What is the best circle cutter for crafting projects

Circle Cutter Best Circle Cutter for Scrapbooking Projects

All over the country people are using their talents to create innovative craft projects. Without certain tools these projects would be impossible. One product changing the world of Scrapbooking is the circle cutter.

Not only is ABM’s circle cutter durable and strong, it’s also adjustable; making it ideal for any size between 1.313” and 4”. Its sharp cutting blade allows precise cuts in most any material. The circle cutter can be used not only for paper but also for a wide variety of other materials. Its patented design renders it capable of cutting through card stock, thin leather, velvet and acetate*.

The precision accurate design of the circle cutter makes sure your project stands out. Individuals who use the circle cutter for business purposes will appreciate the quick and easy style of the cutter. Whether you need to cut fabric or paper this is the right tool for the job. The last thing you want is a dull and unusable blade that barely makes it through your project. For this reason we recommend our adjustable rotary cutter. It stands head and shoulders above generic circle cutters found in most craft stores. Need some inspiration to turn your project into a stunning piece of art?

Consider these 3 unique ways you can use the circle cutter to transform your scrapbook or craft project.

1. Decorate with perfect shaped circles. There is nothing worse than a poorly cut circle pasted to a piece of paper. If you expect perfection from your project, and we assume you do, then it is vital you have a tool that will do the best job. Use the cutter to design perfect circles to symbolize soccer balls, suns and smiley faces.

2. Design creative invitations. Instead of purchasing invitations from the store, why not use the circle cutter to make them yourself? The precision cut will enable you to add a unique design that catches the attention of your guests.  


3. Add layers and texture to quilted or felt art projects. Cut and stack concentric circles for a super cool 3D effect. The heavy duty design enables it to last for thousands of projects. Replacement blades are available as needed and can be switched out easily. See our step-by-step instructions on how to replace the cutting wheel.

One cutting wheel and two interchangeable plastic centering templates are included when you purchase our heavy duty circle cutter. A cutting plate is also included which protects table surfaces from the cutting blade. *ABM is happy to test our circle cutter on your material. You need only provide a sample. Please call the office for more details.

Until next time – Happy Button Making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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