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What Size Button Maker Do I Have?

What Size is My Button Maker?

1.75 Professional Button Maker[/caption] So, you found a button maker hiding in the closet.  Or you’ve had it for awhile but have not used it recently. And you want to know, "What size button maker do I have?" Believe it or not this is a common occurrence.

1.5 The good news is ABM has a few tricks we can employ to help you determine the size of your button maker. The quickest way to jog your memory is to log into your online account and check your order history. We can check your order history from the office as well. Yes, even if it’s been a few years. If you happen to have the punch cutter that goes with the button maker simply cut a circle and measure it from edge to edge, straight across the middle.


Measuring the mylar works, too (it will be the same size as the circle cut with punch cutter). Mylar is the clear circle that covers and protects your artwork. The following guide of the most common, round, industry standard buttons should help determine the size of your button maker:

Button Size Cut Size
1" 1.313"
1.25" 1.629"
1.5" 1.837"
1.75" 2.088"
2.25" Photo 2.225"
2.25" 2.625"
3.0" 3.451"
3.5" 4.00"

If your circle or mylar do not fit these measurements then you are not working with an industry standard button maker. In the event that you have a square or rectangle button maker give us a call at the office. In some instances we might ask you to email a picture of the button maker. This is especially true for older, non-ABM button makers. Still not sure? If you don’t have our button maker, and are wondering if our button parts will fit, we’ve got you covered there as well.

ABM offers sample packs of our industry standard pinback buttons. Order one of these and you will receive 10 each shells, mylar and pinned backs to try in your button maker. Why, you ask, do we not just mail you a free sample to try? Good question. The reason is very simple - one set may give you a false result. The sample pack also gives you extra pieces in the event that something goes awry with the first attempt. Our sample packs are a very economical option for those who need only make a few buttons. Available for the most popular industry standard sizes: 1” – 3.5” round for $7.95 (1st class postage is free).

Until next time – Happy Button Making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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