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ABM Video Series: How to Operate a High Volume Die Cutting Press

Welcome to the third installment of our video series. We're happy to have you back! Previously, we described and showed you videos on how to make a one inch button and how to use an adjustable circle cutter to cut out an individual graphic for a single button. Now, the question you may be asking yourself after watching those two videos is, what do I do if I want to make a whole bunch of buttons? Do I have to use the adjustable circle cutter to cut out each graphic individually? And the answer, of course, would be no. To be more specific, the answer is the high volume die cutting press that we offer at American Button Machines. You can see how easy the press is to use in the video below. Before we get to that though, here are a few of the features that make it such a fine button making product:
  • Cuts up to 50 individual button graphics at a time.
  • Ruggedly built structural steel and industrial grade aluminum construction.
  • Ergonomically designed to allow for smooth, easy operation.
  • Works for left-hand, right-hand, and two-hand operation.
  • The cutting board keeps the sharp edges of the cutting die from coming into contact with the metal surface.
And there are plenty of others features as well.  Follow the link to learn more about the high volume die cutting press or to purchase one. Below, you will see how easy it is to operate:

Video: How to Operate a High Volume Die Cutting Press

Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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