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ABM Button Making Ideas - Magnetic Car Games!

ABM Button Making Ideas

ABM Button Making Ideas has a potentially life changing Friday featured button project for you!  Anybody who has ever made a road trip with little ones will tell you, entertainment during the drive is a vital and sanity saving part of the trip!  Games are a perfect entertainment option but how do you play in the car and not lose all of your pieces?  Leave it to a mom turned grandma to come up with the simple and genius solution!

Magnetic Button Tic Tac ToeSusan Robison shared her Cookie Sheet Car Games with us and we love it!  Susan actually started with this project when her own kids were little and now she continues the tradition with her grandkids.  When her BFF told her she is headed to Disney with her own grandkids, Susan graciously started to work on a "car store" for her, which she shared with us in The Pinback Button Making Community.

Here's what Susan had to say about the creation of her button project, "When my kids were little I ran a little “car store” for long car trips. It came complete withMagnetic Button Bingo “car cash” the kids could earn to purchase game time, movies or small treats. It was a blast! My BFF is planning a long car trip to Disney with her grandkids. I’m making her a car store to make even the car ride a memorable experience.  The button magnets keep the game pieces from getting lost in the car seats. The magnetic clip at the top makes the game boards interchangeable. I’m making seat back organizers to keep the cookie sheets stowed away when not in use."  How clever!

Magnetic Button GamesSusan further explains that she visits her local dollar store to purchase a cookie sheet and spray paints it to match her game boards.  By attaching a metal clip to the top, it makes the game boards easily interchangeable.  When asked how she designs the games she told us, "There are some printable games available on Pinterest and some I’m designing. I need the game boards to be one sheet of paper and many of the ready made printable are made to be bigger so I’m coming up with my own."  Once she prints them, she laminates them to keep them sturdy.  The game is made complete with magnetic buttons to use as game pieces.











The Pinback Button Making Community

Seeing this makes us want to take a road trip!  One thing is for sure - ABM button makers are some of the most creative people on the planet and they are sharing their ideas daily in The Pinback Button Making Community.  Susan just won a $10 ABM gift card for this idea and all you have to do for your chance to win next Friday is join us in our Facebook group, share your best button idea with everyone, enjoy all of the great tips and tricks and make some new friends!  

Until next time........happy button making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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What a great idea! I love this project!

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