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ABM Button Making Ideas - Giving Peace A Chance

ABM Button Making Ideas

ABM Button Making Ideas joins with Paul Tarro this week in his mission for peace.  He is sharing his love of buttons with his community and giving the buttons themselves the opportunity to spread peace and kindness.  Now we are sharing $10 in ABM Gift Cards with him.

1.5" Pinback ButtonHere's what Paul shared with us in his recent post to The Pinback Button Making Community, "Our home is adjacent to an urban high school which has an open campus, allowing students to walk to area restaurants for lunch. Every Wednesday, a church down the street hosts a free lunch for the students: hot dogs, chips, drink.  Over the years we've done various projects to contribute to student life, particularly focusing on the 700 to 900 who pass by our house every Wednesday."

Button Display"A couple of years ago, we started putting out buttons for the kids to takeButtons for Peace and wear. Mostly peacemaking themes, but a lot are just fun designs and drawings. Our first really big button distribution was after the Paris bombings in November of 2015. Students took away over 800 buttons which showed the Eiffel Tower refashioned into the traditional peace symbol.  Over the past couple of years we've had excellent interaction from the staff and faculty of the school, encouraged by the discussions taking place after the distribution of new buttons." 


Thanks to Paul's designs and dedication, his buttons have become 1.5" badges of peace, love and kindness!  He has the youth in his community talking about the things they should be talking about in a fun, positive and loving way and reminding everyone to be kind and give peace a chance.  What a great use for buttons!  

If you want to share your magnificent buttons for a chance to win your own ABM Gift Card, join us in The Pinback Button Making Community.  Share ideas, ask questions, make new friends and win ABM Gift Cards!  Until next time.....happy button making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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