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ABM Button Making Ideas - Buttons Bringing Hope and Love

ABM Button Making Ideas
ABM Button Making Ideas highlight and honor the best buttons in The Pinback Button Making Community.  Each week, our Friday Featured Button Project wins a $10 ABM Gift Card just for doing what they do best and sharing it with us!  This week, we spotlight Sidney Milton.
Marshall CountySidney lives in Marshall County, KY and her community has certainly seen its share of tragedy recently.  Unfortunately, they are also the site of one of the way too many school shootings we have seen this year.  Somehow, through all of the sadness and tears, events such as this tend to bring people together and make us stronger.  It brings communities and people of every background together like nothing else can.  You hear countless stories of heroes and acts of kindness between strangers that remind us of the beauty and love that is the human spirit.  The smallest expression of support can mean the most to those who are suffering.
Sidney is using pinback buttons  and her creative talents to share her love for her #MarshallStrongneighbors and to help her community show their support for each other.  She is reminding everyone their spirit can not and will not be broken.  In TPBMC, we are lucky enough to have Sidney as a part of the ABM Family and to have her share her buttons and her story. 
"I live in Marshall County, KY. Unless you live in a cave and never hear any news, you are aware of the tragic school shooting we had. My grandson is a senior at Marshall County High School. I wanted to remind people to pray for our students and the entire county, so I designed a button and so far have given overMarshall County Gym 200 way. I'm not accepting any money but simply telling people to "Pay it forward and donate to one of the charities set up to help the families of the two students killed and/or for the 21 (the count keeps rising) others injured. 5 days prior to that day we had a boat explosion (we have many river and lake businesses in our area) that killed 3 workers and injured 6 others. We also had our road department garage with all equipment during the snow storm to burn during one night and also all voting machines were stored there."
Sidney Milton Marshall County ButtonAs are many in her community, Sidney is sporting her Marshall orange pride and with the original orange logo buttons she was handing out, they seemed to blend in with the background so she once again put her creative thinking cap on and came up with an even better button!  In a follow up to her original post, Sidney tells us, "I found a way to combine my two crafting loves. Since I am still wearing lots of orange to support the shooting victims of the Marshall County High School and the community, my button sometimes blends in. (BTW, I have given out almost 500 of them in the last 3 weeks and they continue to be a hit.) I looked into my yarn stash and found a cotton/twine type yarn that I got on closeout and crocheted a circle with a decorative edge. It now makes the button stand out and gives it a special pop."  We agree, Sidney!  Your buttons look great but most importantly, they are doing exactly what we love to see a button do.  They are bringing people together, showing love and support, creating smiles and maybe even helping heal just a little bit.  
ABM is helping Sidney continue making those beautiful buttons with a gift card for even more ABM buttons!  You could be our winner next Friday.  Just join us in The Pinback Button Making Community (TPBMC) and submit your button.  Just by joining, you will be an instant winner of the best sources of information in the button biz and a completely amazing group of friends!  Until next time....happy button making!
The Pinback Button Making Community
By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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Good for you, Sidney!!! I’m proud of the beautiful job you have done creating buttons to encourage people who have been deeply affected by the shootings. You deserve this recognition. Enjoy!!!

Brenda Madison on

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