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ABM Button Making Ideas - Reunion Buttons Make Remembering Easy!

ABM Button Making Ideas
ABM Button Making Ideas highlights a new twist on a classic idea this week.  Riki Carter shared her rendition of high school reunion buttons with us in The Pinback Button Making Community this week.  She definitely takes this classic above and beyond the "Hi, my name is Bob.  Class of '63" kind of button!
High School Reunion ButtonsBeyond deciding what to wear and how to get back to your high school weight in the next 2 weeks, what is the biggest challenge most people face at their high school reunion?  Recognizing their classmates who now have a few wisdom highlights in their once dark brown hair and a laugh line or two!  Riki may not be able to help them lose the freshman 15 or find the perfect outfit, but she could help everyone with at least one of those obstacles!  She pulled out her yearbook and got busy making buttons!  
Bringing back all the memories of the glory days was a breeze.  First, she madeHigh School Reunion Buttons copies of the pages in the yearbook, then she simply cut them into the perfect circle and made a 2.25" button of each one.  Genius!  Not only did it help with the stroll did memory lane, it gave everyone a fun and cherished take home memento.  The overall vote for Riki's buttons was a big thumbs up at her reunion and now she has inspired button makers everywhere to dig out that old yearbook and get busy! 
Riki just won herself a $10 ABM Gift Card for this cool and simple button project.  You could be the next winner.  Just join us in The Pinback Button Making Community and share your buttons.  Every Friday we spotlight one of our amazing members and they get a $10 ABM Gift Card just for doing what they love - making buttons!  Share ideas, learn new tricks and make new friends in TPBMC!  Until next time.....happy button making!
The Pinback Button Making Community
By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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Thank you for your question, Juliana! We would encourage you to join our Facebook group, The Pinback Button Making Community, where our members discuss topics just like this every day! They can help you with paper and printer selection and many, many other topics. You will find the greatest members in the button making universe all together there and willing to help.

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Hi! I love my button maker and have used it for so many things but mostly for political campaigns. I would like to try selling personalized buttons at an outdoor craft fair this year. I would take a picture of the person and print, cut and make the button right there. Does anyone have any recommendations on a portable printer that can use my cell phone’s data or bluetooth as I won’t have power or wifi available. I thought about taking the photos with an instant camera but I don’t think you can actually cut the picture out (is that right?). I know it will be a slow process and I can take orders to do later, but it would be a big draw to do them onsite with customers watching. Any suggestions would be welcome!

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