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ABM Button Making Ideas - Baby Shower Bingo!

ABM Button Making Ideas

ABM Button Making Ideas is a new button sharing feature designed to highlight some of the best ideas that have been shared in ABM's new group, The Pinback Button Making Community.  Each Friday, we will highlight a button project from one of our members.  Not only do you get the opportunity to be inspired  by all of the incredible creativity, but the designer of the buttons will get a $10 ABM Gift Card and of course ABM notoriety, which we all know is priceless!

This week, we kick off the program with a bang!  Lisa Horvatich is the creator of Baby Baby Shower BingoShower Bingo.  She created a beautiful animal themed card using graphics she purchased on Etsy to match the theme of the shower.  The bingo card contains names of different items you would expect to see at a shower such as onesies, gift cards and pacifiers.  Each time a gift is opened, if you have it on your card, you cover the spot.  What do you cover it with you ask?  A button of course!  Lisa used 1" ABM Flatback Buttons to make her Bingo markers.

Baby Shower Bingo CardWhen I spoke to Lisa about how this super cool idea came to be she had this to say, "I love finding new and exciting ways to incorporate my button makers into projects of gifts that I can create for friends and family.  I was really excited to try using my button maker to create bingo markers for my niece's upcoming baby shower. I loved how it turned out! Incorporating some of the graphics from the printable woodland animal party package I got on Etsy to make these bingo cards a bit more personalized added a fun touch to the shower game!  I will definitely have to use my button maker to think of other ways to create game pieces or personalized tokens.  I work in education and am constantly thinking of ways to use both my 1-inch and 2.25-inch button maker."

You could use this game for so many things!  For example, libraries could tailor the card to showcase all of the many things you can do in the library.  It would help bring attention to the wonderful activities available there that not everyone may realize, like "make a button"!  

The Pinback Button Making Community

This is just one example of all of the many amazing, creative ideas being shared every day in The Pinback Button Making Community.  Be sure you are a part of the fun by joining us today to find your button inspiration and who knows?  You could win the next $10 ABM Gift Card!  Until next time......happy button making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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Thank you for highlighting my project! I love your company and have been very happy with all of the products I have purchased!

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