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Free Accent Rings to Show Your Buttons Some Love This Valentine's Day!

Accent Rings are 100%, hands down a button's best friend!  They will take your buttons from wow to POW in an instant!  Available in 2.25", 3" and 3.5" sizes and 10 different colors, there is something to compliment every design.  We know just how fabulous they are but we want to be sure you know too so we are giving them away for you to try!

2.25" Accent RingsYou can add a great pop of color and shine with minimal effort simply by adding an accent ring under your mylar.  All you do is put in your shell, add your graphic, lay the accent ring on top of the graphic, cover with mylar as usual and press your button!  With just 1 simple added step it will transform any button into an eye-catching masterpiece! 

Not only are they great for every day button fun, they will set your special projects apart from the crowd!  Who doesn't like a little sparkle on their pocket mirror or that amazing burst of color that comes from the sunshine reflecting off the Rainbow Prism circle on their key chain

Valentine's Day is a fantastic opportunity to show off that shine with special Heart ShapedHeart Accent Rings Accent Rings to enhance those love-ly button creations!  You can share the love by adding them to a picture of your favorite couple for anniversary party favors, weddings or just because.  Know a new mom or grandmother?  Surround a photo of their bundle of joy with shine so they can show the world their little angel is always in their hearts! 

Christmas ornaments are always special and beautiful but take Button Ornament with Accent Ringthem to out of this world gorgeous when you surround them with a halo of happiness!  Accent Rings will add a reflective element to your ornament that will catch all of the twinkle from each light on the tree. 

So how do you get all of this greatness for free?  Easy!  Use coupon code ABMLOVE at checkout with any pinback button purchase of 250 sets or more and we will send you your very own sample pack of heart accent rings!  As an even further incentive, once you get your sample pack make a killer button and post it to The Pinback Button Making Community on Facebook.  Whoever gets the most likes on their project between now and 1/31/18 will get a full size 100 piece package of assorted accent rings and a $25 ABM Gift Card!  The accent rings won't appear in your cart but rest assured, they will be in your box!  Please note:  6", Square, Oval, Rectangle and BAM products not included.

Don't wait to get in on the button-y love!  This offer will expire on 1/19/18 at 11:59 pm CST and then the contest begins!  Entries and voting will be accepted until 1/31/18 and then we will announce our winner!  Hope to see you, and your fabulously shiny buttons, in our Pinback Button Making Community soon!  Until next time.....happy button making! 

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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