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What can I make with a 1” Button Maker?

ABM’s A to Z guide for using our 1” Button Maker

Continuing on a recent theme - What can I make with a button maker? - Today I share with you some of the many possible uses for a 1” button maker. Here is our A to Z guide of 1" mini buttons: • A Magnetic Pendant – or several

Magneta Snap Interchangeable Magnetic Pendants

Magneta Snap Interchangeable Pendant

 • Badge Reels • Board Game Tokens • Bobby Pins • Bracelets  


Button Bracelets            

• Earrings • Fabric Buttons • Key Chains

Versa Back Snap Hook Keyring Button

Snap Hook Key Ring                  

• Magnets

• Necklaces

• Pinback Buttons

• Ponytail Holders

• Purse Hangers

• Purse Jewelry

Magneta Snap purse jewelry - American Button Machines

Magneta Snap Purse Jewelry              

• Rings

• Tie Tacks

• Zipper Pulls

Magnetic Pendants are available in both Magneta Snap and Clix brands. Magneta Snaps come as pendants and require a magnet set to complete. Clix offers a bracelet as well and the magnet is already integrated for use with a metal flatback button. Magneta Snap pendants are so very versatile; they can be used in literally thousands of ways. (okay not literally thousands - but a lot) Keep reading for more uses.

Buttons for tokens can be made with either a metal flatback or a plastic flatback button (aka medallions). Those made with medallions will be quite a bit flatter than a standard metal flatback as they require the use of the crimp die adapter and Third Press Operation. Badge reels and Purse hangers work well with metal flatback buttons.

1” buttons are the size of a quarter. So, beware, a portion of the surface will show around the outer edge of the button. If that is not to your liking then you might consider making 1.25” or 1.5” instead. 1” key chains are made using the very versatile, and aptly named, Versaback button sets. Choices include C-hook, Snap hook and Loop key rings and several others. You’ll also use the versaback for making zipper pulls.

Purchase a sample pack to try these out and see which you like best.  Side note: Key chains can also be made using Magneta Snap Pendants. Just add the C-hook, Split Ring or Snap Hook. Earrings, bracelets, rings and bobby pins are all pretty straight forward. Just glue a metal flatback to the surface and, voila. Instant jewelry! Our adorable French Wire earrings have been flying off the shelf. You’ll need to punch a hole in the shell to run the wire though. No worries – our Metal Craft Punch does a fantastic job for this and many other projects.

If you don't already have a 1" button maker - get one today. Button kits are always the best value. 1” mini buttons are fun, fun, fun. And, no doubt, you’ll find lots of creative ways to use them. And we’d love to see your creations. Please share on our FaceBook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Until next time – Happy Button Making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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