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The Button Blog - American Button Machines — Fundraising Ideas

Buttons for Bands: Using a Button Maker for Band Promotion

With a button maker from American Button Machines, a local band can quickly produce a number of pinback buttons for sale to fans. These buttons are popular with music fans and can be a good source of money and an effective marketing tool.

Make Campaign Buttons with Political Campaign Button Makers

If you are campaigning, or helping to run a campaign, a campaign button maker will be a useful tool to let voters know who you are and where you stand on issues. Instead of wasting your time and money on mass phone or mail campaigns, try the more cost efficient and more effective alternative: campaign button making. The price of postage goes up each year, making mail campaigns more and more expensive. They are also ineffective; most of the time people just throw your mass mail out because they consider it junk mail. With the advent of online bill pay...

Promoting Church Events and Raising Church Funds With Buttons and a Button Maker

Making buttons with your church’s very own button maker can be a creative and effective method for promoting and advertising church events, as well as raising church funds. Buttons can also be used as rewards for church donations and jobs well done.

Event Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits: Use Buttons to Promote, Enhance Event

Using buttons to advertise for your non-profit organization is a low-cost way to boost fundraising efforts in several ways. This post from The Button Blog containes event fundraising ideas for non-profits that can help non-profit fundraising efforts.

Buttons For Bands: How to Promote Your Band with Pinback Buttons

Making buttons for bands has proven to be a cost-efficient and effective manner to promote bands. If you are thinking about how to promote your band, pinback buttons, along with other items that can be made with a button machine, are a great choice.


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