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4 Essential Tips for Designing Effective and Memorable Campaign Buttons

In this post, we provide you with four essential tips for designing the most effective and memorable campaign buttons possible.

3 Campaign Button Making Tips for Elementary School Kid Campaigns

One of the most exciting experiences for an elementary school kid is participating in his or her first campaign. In some schools, campaigns for class president, vice president, and treasurer begin as early as third grade! What makes these experiences extra special for the kids is when the adults treat them as "real" as possible. And if we're writing about it here on The Button Blog, you know that can only mean one thing: it's time to talk campaign buttons! And this time, we're talking about them for the kiddos, not the adults. So what kinds of things should you...

Which of the many shape and size options for campaign buttons is right for you?

Throughout history the campaign button has changed sizes several times. The question is, which shape and size campaign button is right for you? There are certainly plenty of options.

Make Campaign Buttons with Political Campaign Button Makers

If you are campaigning, or helping to run a campaign, a campaign button maker will be a useful tool to let voters know who you are and where you stand on issues. Instead of wasting your time and money on mass phone or mail campaigns, try the more cost efficient and more effective alternative: campaign button making. The price of postage goes up each year, making mail campaigns more and more expensive. They are also ineffective; most of the time people just throw your mass mail out because they consider it junk mail. With the advent of online bill pay...

A Brief History of Political Campaign Buttons

Learn the history of political campaign buttons, which have been around since George Washington and were first used strategically by Lincoln.


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