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The Button Blog - American Button Machines — Campaign Buttons

How to Make a Campaign Button

The Button Blog provides and easy guide on how to make a campaign button, including the process of designing and making each of the campaign buttons you'll need for your run to victory!

Using a 1” Button Making Machine to Make Keychains

There are a number of other novelty items that can be quickly and easily produced with a button making machine, including keychains, ponytail holders, and zipper pulls.

Use 4,571 for Buttons: Encapsulating Someone's Life Story

On, they have chosen to use political campaign buttons of recently deceased U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy to encapsulate his life. This is just one of thousands of ways that you to can use buttons in your own life.

Best Campaign Buttons from the 2008 Presidential Election

Seeing as how we are American Button Machines, we figured it would be fitting to give a quick rundown of the best campaign buttons from the 2008 Presidential Election, while also discussing the history and purpose of political buttons in general.


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