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Use 4,571 for Buttons: Encapsulating Someone's Life Story

Do not be fooled by the specificity of the number in the title.  There is no finite number of uses for buttons, nor are we sure that what we are about to describe would fall in the exact 4,571th slot even if such a list existed. The main idea is that there are tons of uses for buttons, and I just came across another one today. On, they have chosen to use political campaign buttons of recently deceased U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy to encapsulate his life. The good (his Senator elections), the bad (references to Chappaquidick), and the failed (his runs for President) are all represented in the ten-button cross section chosen by NPR. To view the button history of Ted Kennedy, follow this link to And don't think that just because you are not one of the most accomplished and decorated legislators in the history of this fine country that you too cannot have your own personal button history. Because you can! How do we know this? Well, because it's what we do. Once you have checked out the article about former Senator Kennedy, and paid your respects to a man who - whether you shared his politics or not - certainly lived a full life of public service, browse the following links as well and see what might work best for your next button making project: Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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