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4 Essential Tips for Designing Effective and Memorable Campaign Buttons

Fall is election time, and we are nearing the heart of it now as the final days of September approach and October, then November, beckon. We already supplied you with tips for actually making and displaying campaign buttons, plus three tips specific to elementary school campaign buttons. In this post, we provide you with four essential tips for designing the most effective and memorable campaign buttons possible.

Text Size

This one should be a no-brainer, but we are surprised by how often it's not. Remember to choose a text size that is easily able to be read from a decent distance. If someone is wearing your button on their lapel, others should not have to lean in uncomfortably close to read your name and/or slogan. Choose a large, bold font that will stand out and make it easy for your button to leave an impression.

Button Color

Again, be bold. You want your button to catch peoples' attention, not simply fade into the background. Your campaign will likely have a general palette of colors used across all materials. From that palette, choose the boldest color you can to be the primary accent for your button. Also remember to make sure that the text and background complement eachother. You don't want gray text on a white background, for instance, as it would be hard to read. Make bold choices, but ensure that the final product stands out the right way.

Campaign Slogan

A most important consideration! First off, make your campaign slogan short, sweet, and to the point. You want it to be something that people can remember easily the first time they hear it; but don't sacrifice impact and relevancy. Obviously your slogan needs to represent both you and what you believe in. Do not take this decision lightly. In the minds of many people, your campaign will get boiled down into one or two phrases or images, with your slogan likely being one of them. So make sure it's something you want to be remembered by, and that will give people a positive feeling when they think about it.

Button Shape and Type

Who says all campaign buttons have to be round? No one! So don't think that you absolutely, positively must do a round campaign button. Sometimes going against the grain, crissing when others are crossing, can actually make you stand more and be more memorable. If you are looking for a subtle differentiator, consider a rectangular button, or a photo button, as alternatives to the traditional round pinback button.


Once you have thought through these important design considerations, or even as you think through them, make sure to take a look at our campaign button making systems. They provide everything you need to get rolling with the production process once the design process is done. Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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