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Starting a Business With Buttons - A. Button Girl

Buttons have so many uses!  They are the absolute best tool for marketing and promoting a business or event, raising funds for or bringing awareness to your cause, rewarding the deserving, bringing people together by starting conversations and the very best use of all - just making people smile!  One up and coming star of button making that can't help but make you smile is Arianna aka A. Button Girl.

A. Button GirlArianna is 8 years old and according to her dad, has loved all kinds of art since she could pick up a crayon.  She is also passionate about animals and helping others so between her love of art and her desire to help others, this young entrepreneur's button business was a natural fit!

She grew up attending Comic Cons with her family where she always went homeArianna selling buttons with buttons and has been helping her mom at craft shows for the last year so she had plenty of experience that made her well prepared when it came time to start setting up her own booth.  All she had to do was decide on what size buttons she was going to make and get her button making kit ordered!

Selling ButtonsOf course, like most start up businesses, Arianna had to have an initial investor and where does an 8 year old entrepreneur obtain a loan?  The bank of dad, of course!  When payment terms for the loan were discussed, Andrew did what all good dad's do and told her not to worry about the monetary side.  All he asked is that Arianna do good with her buttons and help others.  That would be payment enough.  After much research and a few phone calls by her dad to Team ABM, it was decided that 1.5" was the perfect button size for her budding business so they placed their order and patiently waited for the UPS truck to bring her very own box of happiness.  With funding in place and her machine on the way, A. Button Girl was born!

Her first project was to help her brother who had recently adopted a beagle with aRocksy Button severe heart condition.  She created a special button called the "Rocksy Button" that she sells for donations to help with his medical bills.  She followed that up with projects to help a local animal rescue as well as a child advocacy group.  She also has a puppy that she rescued at a yard sale that she saves some of her money to spoil with well deserved treats.

A. Button GirlYou can find A. Button Girl on Facebook, Etsy and Instagram as well as sharing her regular updates in The Pinback Button Making Community.  I will assure you, a minute spent watching one of her adorable videos is a minute your heart will be full of smiles.

Join Arianna and all of other best and brightest in The Pinback Button Making Community.  You can share ideas, get all of the latest updates from ABM and make new friends.  We hope to see you there soon but until then...happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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This young person is such an inspiration! I am excited to see how A. Button Girl’s business grows. I am certain she and her family are going to do many more amazing things.

Dulce Bryant on

Arianna is a special girl with a great family. I hope her heart is never hardened by life, because people like her are what keeps this world going. We need more like her and her siblings . I’ll be proud to be able to say" I knew them when" Happy Birthday Sweet girl!

Rita Winter on

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