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National Button Day 2014

Happy (upcoming) National Button Day!

Wait a sec… What? Yes, November 16th has been set aside as our annual national day of celebrating all things button-y. Button crafting, collecting, trading & sharing your love of buttons are all good ways to acknowledge National Button Day. Following a tradition we started a few years back here are some ways you might celebrate National Button Day. Peruse the ABM Button Blog: Chock full of interesting, fun and always informative topics. Scroll through or search for a specific topic and perhaps learn something new. You’ll find new product announcements, button making tips & tutorials and the occasional joke. If you have a suggestion for the blog email us your idea to [caption id="attachment_19262" align="aligncenter" width="192"]ABM-New-Website-Announcement ABM Button Blog[/caption]   Try your hand at making Christmas Ornaments: ABM offers Christmas Ornament kits in 4 sizes.  2.25", BAM 2.25", 3" and now, due to customer request, 3.5". The ornament kits have been wildly popular and I know lots of you have added them to your seasonal offerings. Keep an eye out for an upcoming special on these fantastic buttons. You know what else we have in these same sizes?  That's right... flashing button kits. LEDs are the best way to make sure your Christmas designs stand out from the crowd. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="161"]ABM-Ornament-5 Christmas Ornament Kits[/caption]   Design a New Button: Head to your crafting studio and release your inner creative spirit. Several holidays are on the horizon so get a head start on some Hanukkah or New Year’s designs. Whatever you decide we have the perfect button design software to help. Click on over to the Build-a-Button Design Center. We created B-A-B with you, the button maker, in mind. It has all the features needed for successful button design and is very easy to use. The demo version is free and our detailed tutorial videos offer a one on one guided tour of this fantastic application. [caption id="attachment_19888" align="aligncenter" width="192"]how_to_create_layers_build_a_button_software_video Build a Button tutorial[/caption]

 Share with the Button Community: When better than National Button Day to interact with your button community? ABM has several ways for you to connect with other buttoneers. The Button Discussion Forum is a lively venue for posting questions and offering advice. Show off your stuff on our FaceBook and Twitter pages. We regularly share and retweet all the great buttons our super talented followers have created.

[caption id="attachment_158409" align="aligncenter" width="192"]badgeforthat There's a Badge for That[/caption]

 There's A Badge For That states their philosophy outright in the company name. We agree completely. Buttons are the best way to bring awareness, advertise or simply share your sense of humor. What ever you have to say - there's a badge for that. And no better day to make that button than on National Button Day.

Until next time - Happy Button Making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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