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Badge-a-Minit 3" Paper Cutter

Badge-a-Minit 3" Paper Cutter now available at ABM

Continuing in our efforts to meet our customer’s needs ABM’s punch cutter lineup is expanding. We now have available a Badgeaminit 3" Paper Punch Cutter. For several years we’ve offered 3” BAM pinback button sets. So it seems only fitting that we make available the paper cutter as well to fit the Badge-a-Minit 3" button maker. Badge-a-Minit Paper Cutter

Badge-a-Minit Paper Cutter

The benefits to having ABM's size-specific BAM 3" Graphic Punch Circle Cutter are numerous: quick, easy & accurate cuts every time, a clear field of vision for centering, it's self sharpening and the entire circumference is punched at once.  Like all of our graphic punches this one, too, comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Final graphic cut size for this unit is 3.377" If you havemore than one size Badge-a-Minit button maker you might find the Adjustable Circle Cutter beneficial. This beauty has the ability to make a wide range of cut sizes; from 1.313” up to 4” circles. That covers 1” to 3.5” buttons and all sizes in between. Bonus! You can cut fabric, printer paper or photo paper with the adjustable cutter. It also allows for cutting through more than one layer at a time. Just how many will depend on the thickness of the paper or fabric. Circle Cutter

Circle Cutter

Our famed Build-a-Button software even includes the template for making BAM 3" button designs. Build-a-Button is an easy to use design program created specifically for the button world.  And for the uninitiated we offer a free demo version. Whether you have an ABM industry standard button maker or one from those other guys (Badge-a-Minit) we stand ready to meet your button making needs.  

Until next time - Happy Button Making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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