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Monogrammed Badge Reels Are Customized, Personalized, and Make ID'ing Yourself Fun!

We're back! After a brief hiatus, we are back with fresh content here at The Button Blog. And today, we are going to veer in a direction that we have not veered in since launching the blog: badge reels. Badge reels are small round devices with a retractable cord that attach to an ID badge. And as we have become well aware through our many customers who have ordered badge reels, there are myriad jobs for which you might need an ID badge: working in a hospital, government jobs, working in the media, etc. If you are constantly using your ID badge to gain access to different rooms or areas, it makes sense to have a reliable and convenient tool to help you keep tabs on it. If you are unfamiliar with customized badge reels, here is a picture: 

Most people wear their badge reels on a pocket, collar, or belt, thus allowing them to have access to their ID badge at all times without worrying about losing it. The retractable cord allows you to quickly pull your badge out for display or swiping, and then quickly retract it back to its resting position. The great part about monogrammed badge reels and other customized and personalized badge reels, like the one you can make using our badge reel products, is that you can add a little personality and flair to the tool you are using to identify yourself with. Specifically, with respect to monogrammed badge reels, you can use one of our fabric button machines to make a fabric covered button that displays an insignia, initials, logo, or other design and then affix it to the badge reel. Not only will this help to cure the typical monotony of displaying an ID badge, but you can infuse some of your own personal style into it and have a little fun. And let's be honest, how many of us couldn't use a little more fun throughout the workday? Want some more good news? Good, because here it is: no matter if you are simply looking to purchase 1 badge reel for yourself or 1,000 badge reels for an entire department or company, we have a badge reel pack that will fit your needs. Follow the links below to our main website to learn more about how to make monogrammed badge reels and other customized badge reels, and to find out pricing information as well as the different sizes of badge reel packs we offer:

Learn more about monogrammed badge reels

Shop for monogrammed badge reels

And if you still need a little convincing that personalizing your badge reel is the way to go, read the following statement that we created using bits and pieces of compliments we've received over the years from our many happy badge reel customers:
I work in a hospital and have to show or swipe my ID badge about once every half hour on average. I use to clip it on my scrubs or keep it in my pocket, but then I would always either drop it or waste time fumbling around to get it out. But one day, I stumbled across the monogrammed badge reels at American Button Machines, and I realized I had found a product that would make my workday much more efficient and, as crazy as it sounds, more enjoyable. I embroidered a fabric button with the initials of my kids, and now every time I have to show my ID badge, it reminds me of the main reasons why I'm working. Plus, badge reels are so convenient to use and give me the peace of mind that I won't lose my ID badge. My only gripe with badge reels is that the first three letters are "b-a-d", because there is nothing bad about them; they are terrific! I convinced everyone else at the hospital to get them, and now they understand why I made such a fuss the first week I had mine. Sometimes it is the little pleasures that keep your attitude positive throughout the day. Badge reels are one of my little pleasures, and if you use an ID badge where you work they should be one of your little pleasures too! ~Badgelina

That pretty much sums it up! Now feel free to join Badgelina in badge reel bliss by following the link and ordering your badge reels today.

Until next time... Happy Button Making!

Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABMSave

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