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How to Make a Refrigerator Magnet

How to Make a Refrigerator Magnet

Recently my brother and I were discussing those great family vacations we took as children. Our parents always made sure we each had few dollars to spend on a souvenir. My favorite souvenir ever from those childhood trips was a rectangle refrigerator magnet I bought from a shop in Pike’s Peak. (I bet my mom still has it somewhere.) These days magnet buttons have become popular for more than just souvenirs. Brides-to-be are mailing them out as Save the Date cards. Businesses use them for promotions. A hint to our photographer friends – parents and grandparents love having the kiddos’ school & sports pictures as a refrigerator magnet. Don’t forget the animal lovers; they want pictures of their fur kids, too. ABM has both round & rectangle magnet sets for buttons which are made in just 3 easy steps:Round Magnet Set First, place the shell, graphic & mylar into the pick-up die and swivel it under the upper die. Pull the handle all the way down & release. Next, place the button back into the crimp die and swivel it under the upper die. Pull the handle all the way down & release. Finally, remove the finished button and apply the self-adhesive magnet to the back. Simple as that – you’re done. ‘Til next time - Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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Hi, Briana! You want to make sure you put the back in sharp side up. You will find a video with complete instructions on how to make magnets and many other great items on our site at

American Button Machines on

Which side up for the button back?

Briana on

Wow article it is ! :D
i love fridge magnets ! i always search for differnt types pf fridge magnets as a decor ! I love travel fridge magnet the most !

Daniya Gardener on

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