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Happy National Button Day!

I bet you didn't realize - in the midst of your Thanksgiving Day preparations and early Christmas shopping - that another important holiday had snuck up on you. But it has. National Button Day! Yes, every November 16th is indeed our national day of making, celebrating, and enjoying the wonderful world of buttons. And of course you just know that we cannot let an important day like this go by without recognizing it, wishing you a happy National Button Day, and providing a few suggestions for how to celebrate.

Three Suggestions for How To Celebrate National Button Day

1. Design and Make a New Button

If you already have your button machine at the ready with supplies in tow, why not carve out some time today to design and make a new button? Perhaps you can make a National Button Day button, or prepare for the holidays by making a Thanksgiving or Christmas button, or maybe you want to show a little extra love to your favorite sports team by making a button you can wear during its next game. Whatever the subject of your button ends up being, we know just the place for you to design it: the Build-a-Button Online Design Center. Sure, we're biased, but the fact is that button designing just doesn't get any easier than with B-a-B!

2. Submit Your Best Work

You may not want to make a button today, but what about all of the buttons you've made in the past? Submit them to us because we want to recognize you for your excellent work! We do a regular Customer Spotlight feature at ABM. Browse past posts here, then take a gander at some of the latest, greatest submissions by our wonderful cadre of customers: From Nancy (whose submitted Etsy store link unfortunately did not work): "Monday Morning Warning...need I say more?" dontbugmefnl4 ----- From Nicholas Scott of "I am very excited about my button machine. I am so excited I choose not to tell people about it because if they knew how easy it was to create and sell competition would grow. Well I have used the key-chains, mirrors, magnets, pins, and accent rings on my buttons. I love all of the products that ABM offer. I only own one machine 2'25 and it has already paid for itself. (With-in the first week!) So this is my only time EVER sharing how much I love my machine! Here is a button I made for personal use. This button received great feedback. I took a piece of regular white paper, I used my ABM cutter to cut out my shape. I then took a Sharpie marker and hand wrote the message on the button. Then I easily created my custom pin-back button. I wore that button on the same day, due to the button I was able to use it as an ice-breaker to promote my button business. Sky's the Limit!" RIP-STEVE-BW ----- From Cory Blake (aka Mr. Button Man): "I made these for a Dennys out here. I also made some buttons for the employees of coca-cola store too, with the Coke Polar Bear on them." dennys  

3. Learn and Interact

If making a new button doesn't tickle your fancy on this most wonderful day of button celebration, perhaps finding a new button-related club or activity can stir up the old crafting passions once a gain. The National Button Society has a wealth of information on its website. If one of these happens to be in your area, maybe you can meet up with other button lovers and swap stories and buttons. Whatever you do on this wonderful holiday, we hope you enjoy it because the most important part of making buttons is to have fun while doing it! For additional button making tips, ideas, and products, visit our website.   Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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