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Flashing Buttons - Better Stronger Faster

News Flash! Enhanced & Improved Flashing Buttons!

About this time last year ABM introduced Flashing Buttons to our product lineup and they have been a tremendous success.  Since debuting the Flashing LED Buttons, ABM has received many emails with both words of praise and suggestions for enhancement.  flashing-led-button-kits Now, ABM is proud to announce a newer, improved version of an already great product. Enhancements & upgrades to our Flashing Buttons include: Brighter Flash Longer Lasting Better Safety Pin Heavy Duty Construction Why do you need a Flashing Button?  The eye is naturally drawn to a blinking light and Flashing LEDs add pizzazz and panache to any button design.  They make otherwise boring buttons peppy by adding a pop of blinking color.  A flashing LED helps your buttons stand out from the crowd by lending punch and presence.  And buttons with a flashing LED shout “Hey, look at me!” - well, not literally, but you know what I mean.  They grab the spotlight and force anyone within visual range to give their utmost attention to the wearer.  And isn't that the purpose of wearing a button?  To grab the attention of a passerby and perhaps engage in a conversation?  Whether you're trying to promote a cause, your business or just have some fun, Flashing Buttons will help get your point across. Until next time - Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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