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FIRST Robotics and Free Pinback Buttons

FIRST Robotics & Pinback Buttons - A Natural Fitfirst robotics competition

If you ever attend a First Robotics Competition, you will see first hand some of the best pinback buttons made by students. Free pinback buttons run rampant at First Robotics as they are enthusiastically traded back and forth between teams.  Robotics teams are always looking for cheap, inexpensive buttons they can use to market and promote their robots. That is where American Button Machines can help, with button making discounts and promo codes focused specifically for sponsoring First Robotics competitions across the country. If you have never raised a future scientist in your home, you are probably not aware that in the late ‘80s a gentleman by the name of Dean Kamen conceptualized and coordinated the FIRST Robotics Competition. Since that time the event has grown exponentially to include countless teams across the US and even internationally. FIRST Robotics competitions give our youth hands on engineering experience as they are mentored by real world experts. These mentors guide the teams beginning with concept design and following through to final competition. A strict time frame of 6 weeks teaches the twin values of team work and time management. 3-team alliances build robots whose goal is to successfully perform a variety of tasks. A series of elimination heats has each team’s robot competing to ultimately win the challenge.  Innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding students leaders are but a few of the awards available to teams and individuals.  And awards are not solely bestowed upon student participants.   Mentors who "empower and inspire using excellent communication skills" are eligible at regional and national levels for the prestigious Woodie Flowers Award. We think robotics and buttons go together like, well... kids & robots.  So, it's no surprise that over the years, the ever versatile pinback button has found its way into the heart of robotics competitions. Many of the teams use buttons not only as fund raisers but also as tokens to collect and trade with other teams. Team recognition is yet another way pinback buttons have become an integral part of competition culture. And ABM is proud to supply many of the robotics teams with their button making equipment. If your team is looking to add pinbacks this year contact us for a special robotics only promo code.   Until next time - Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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