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FIRST Robotics #omgrobots


ABM is a proud supporter of the FIRST Robotics Competition. FIRST is perhaps the most well known international robotics competition. We think robots and flashing buttons are a perfect fit. So, this month ABM is offering FIRST Robotics-only promo codes: • Robo1000 – good for 50% off the purchase of 5 Flashing LEDs + a 10% discount on 1,000 buttons • RoboFlash – good for 20% off the purchase of 100 Flashing LED button sets + FREE shipping [caption id="attachment_11047" align="alignnone" width="193"]Flashing Buttons - Our Buttons are Flashy Flashing Buttons[/caption] To take advantage of these discounts contact our office with your FIRST Robotics Team name, number and BAB password located in TIMS. Thank you Dragon Robotics team 5002 of Collierville High School. You were the first team to take advantage of the FREE 90 day Build-a-Button Membership. Lots of other teams have followed suit. Pellston Robotics, Jaguars Robotics & ROV, Robot Dolphins from Outer Space and Tribe Tech Robots to name a few. Teams from Canada, China & Israel are using Build-a-Button, as well. ABM would love to show off your team members wearing the buttons they’ve made with our design software. If you’d like to be featured send us some pictures. We’ll share them on Twitter & FaceBook; maybe even a future Blog! first-robotics-competition A question was posed on the Chief Delphi Forum as to why buttons are needed in robotics competition. John R. had a terrific response. “Buttons are a great way to sponsor your team. But I feel they are so much more than that. Buttons are a way people from one team can share a little about the team on every button and learn about other teams in turn. Buttons build relationships between teams and people that would otherwise never know the others existed. I may just be rambling but I feel buttons are a very easy to make, effective, and fun way to communicate to others. (at the very least, some of them look really cool)” Well said, John. We couldn't agree more. Until next time – Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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