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Customer Spotlight: Monkey Threads

We've got a quick new Customer Spotlight entry for you today, and it comes courtesy of Twitter. As I try do at least once every week, I logged in today to see if anyone had messaged us or if anyone had any button making-related questions I could answer. Much to my excitement, there were a few messages. (This is typically what happens, but it's still exciting every time! And that's why you should follow us.) One of the messages was from Twitter user @MonkeyThreads and said the following:
@ABMACHINES I worked my machine making 100 wedding favors.
Naturally I clicked on the link, and what I found was, indeed, quite the wedding favor! i-love-my-wife-bottle-opener bottle-opener-back Here is the best part though: even if you weren't invited to the wedding, you can still pick up these fun bottle openers. Click here to buy these bottle openers from Monkey Threads' page on Etsy (called Gopherella). They are just $4.00 a pop. And ladies, as the product description suggests, this makes a great gift for your husbands with football season just around the bend. And if you want to make your own bottle openers, check out our 2.25" button machine and bottle opener supplies. Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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