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Cheap button shipping to Canada, eh?

Looking for cheap button shipping to Canada? ABM can help with that.

ABM's Button Machines, made of industrial grade steel, and bulk button parts are heavy. So, especially when shipping internationally, we always look for the most cost effective method for our customers. For some that will be with UPS; other times USPS makes more economic sense. Flat rate boxes from the postal service are great! And we use them a lot. But, sadly, not every order qualifies for flat rate mailing.  Flat rate boxes come with weight restrictions and they're not very big. And even if an order fits in a flat rate box it’s not always cheaper than plain old priority mail. In some instances insuring a package with the post office is more costly than what UPS has to offer. Bottom line - we check all options before presenting you with shipping quotes. Whether shipping USPS or UPS your order will be fully insured against shortage, loss and damage due to carrier error.


When using our website to check shipping costs, if you do not see USPS listed as an option, and you would like to use their services, please contact the office. We'll be delighted to get a quote for you and make all the necessary arrangements to get your order on its way. Other factors to consider when looking for cheap button shipping to Canada are the import, brokerage fees and/or duties that are due on packages from the US. These fees are calculated when they reach the border and are based on the cost of the merchandise. ABM does not absorb these fees. We’ve heard from some of our customers that while UPS shipping charges are a bit less up front their brokerage fees are quite high. My ABM RewardsLast year we launched a new website (as you may already know). With the new site came all sorts of enhancements. The most well received of which has been our Customer Reward Program. How does it work? When you complete an order on our website you accrue reward points. Easy as that. You don’t need to do anything to enroll; it’s automatic. What do these points get you? Discounts! $avings! Money! Every order accrues points and you can use those points anytime. They never expire. Because ABM understands the need to save money we’ve done extensive research to make sure our prices are the very best. We want you to be comfortable with the knowledge that you’re getting the absolute best value for your dollars. If you find a better price published on one of our competitor’s websites then we will make every effort to meet that price. Full details of our Best Price Guarantee can be found here. American Button Machines Best Price Guarantee Information is king. Which is why we are constantly adding educational content to our website. You’ll find numerous How-to videos, pictorials, information pages, “what do I do now” pages. We love all questions button-y. So feel free to email or call the office. Check out our Button Discussion Forum and search the Button Blog for all kinds of useful information. What else do you get with ABM? Outstanding customer service! We want to create raving fans. So rest assured we will do everything we can to accommodate any special needs or requests you may have. Just ask – we like to say YES! So, to wrap up. Cheap button shipping to Canada Rewards = Discounts Best Price Guarantee Button-y information Outstanding customer service Until next time – Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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