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Button Making Ideas From ABM - ABC's and 123's Made Fun

Button Making Ideas by ABM

ABC's and 123's are essential core skills that are the foundational building blocks of any good education.  Finding ways to make learning these essentials entertaining can be a challenge but with the help of ABM's new downloadable sets, it just became much easier!

Alphabet Magnet Sample

As anyone who has ever worked with teaching letters can attest, word association with letters and sounds is vital to success.  ABM's ready to use alphabet set includes upper and lowercase images of the letters in bright colors accompanied by whimsical animals whose name matches the letter for easy association.  

For even more fun, there's our ready to colorB Color Sample alphabet.  This set also includes both upper and lowercase letters and has every day items to help with phonetics and word association such as Bb for butterfly and Hh for honey.  The difference here is that the images are all in black and white so they are ready to color, adding the opportunity for creativity.  


Letters and Numbers for ButtonsAs if all of this fun with the alphabet wasn't enough, there's numbers and basic math available, too!  ABM has 2 exclusive sets of numbers with basic math symbols.  Both sets include the corresponding number of balloons with the actual number to help learn to count.  The readyMath Symbols for Buttons to use set has bright colors to attract attention and the ready to color set is just waiting for you to add your favorite colors for even more fun!  You can make them into flatbacks for games, pinback buttons for birthdays and awards or any of your other favorite items but the most popular option would be magnets for math practice.  Try arranging them in any order to make different math problems and learn something new every day.

With so many of us spending so much more time in our homes these days, learning and new, fun activities are absolutely essential.  Making buttons together has always been a great treat but now you can enjoy making buttons and then continue the fun with your very own learning games.  This project provides family fun time and opportunities for education resulting in a win win for everyone!

When you purchase a downloadable package, you will get the complete set of letters or numbers in your choice of ready to use or ready to color .png files.  They are unrestricted and ready to use in any button making application including items for resale.

Come on over to The Pinback Button Making Community where we share projects, ideas, contests and new products.  You might even make a new friend or two!  We hope to see you there but until then, happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community

- by Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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