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Button Making Ideas by ABM - Alcohol Ink Buttons

Button Making Ideas by ABM
Button Making Ideas by ABM works hard to bring you the best the button biz has to offer and every week we bring you one special button project that was shared in The Pinback Button Making Community and stands out from the crowd.  This week, those special buttons belong to Diana Dumitru and her alcohol ink designs.
Alcohol Ink DesignsDiana has always had a love for the special and unique effect achieved by the use of alcohol inks so when she started making buttons it was a natural fit to marry her two passions into one great idea.  The result is nothing short of stunning!  Although she won't give away all of her secrets, she did share a few pictures of the process with us.  She starts with a blank page (of course), chooses a color scheme and begins working her magic!  Here's what Diana had to say, "I used Ranger Alcohol Inks to create the unusual designs.  The key to alcohol inks is making sure you use Yupo Paper because it is non-porous so the alcohol will not get absorbed."
Once the page is all done and the ink has dried, she uses her Dynamo Punch toAlcohol Designs with Dynamo Punch start cutting out circles to make buttons.  "I punched out the circles for the buttons using the paper puncher and then started assembling the buttons, key chains, and zipper pulls.  It’s such an easy process and the results are stunning!  I find that the alcohol inks create designs reminiscent of jewels or precious stones."  We would have to agree with the jewel effect and think these would make gorgeous pendants paired with a Magneta Snap Pendant or one of our new diffuser pendants
Zipper Pulls with Alcohol Ink DesignShe makes these beauties in a variety of color schemes Dog Tag Buttonbut no matter how you try, no two will ever come out the same.  Each one is perfectly unique and never to be replicated which makes them that much more magnificent!  She even used one of the zipper pulls to give her her rat terrier a bit of bling.  The best part?  They're now Lily approved! 
You can learn about these and many other incredible ideas that are being shared daily in The Pinback Button Making Community.  Join us today and learn all of the latest tricks, tips, enter exclusive contest (like this one that just won Diana a $10 ABM Gift Card) and be the first to know about new products.  You might even make some new friends!  Hope to see you there soon but until then....happy button making! The Pinback Button Making Community
By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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