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Button Making Ideas - Air Fresheners and Diffuser Pendants

Button Making Ideas By ABM

This week our Button Making Idea Weekly Winner highlights one of the great new products at ABM, Aroma Bead Button Air Fresheners

Making a Button Air FreshenerKeith Gillette from The Pinback Button Making Community was the first to share his hot new air freshener with the group and it didn't take him long to catch on!  As one of our original members, Keith is always up to the challenge when it comes to new things and ready to give it a try!  He has a history with candle making that made him familiar with this type of product so making it happen was a breeze for him. 

ABM Aroma Bead Kits include everything you need to create your very own Aroma Bead Air Freshener Backaromatic treasures.  All you add is the fragrance oil or essential of your choice and a little imagination.  Need some help designing a pattern for the back openings?  Here's a handy tip from the creative minds at ABM.  Go to Build-a-Button, set it for the size you are making and choose from one of the shapes already included.  Lay it out on your button where you want it and print on plain paper.  Cut it out, tape it to your back and you have the perfect stencil!  But you don't have to stop there, you can find limitless designs out there on the internet just waiting to achieve the greatness that is an ABM Air Freshener!


 Aroma Bead PendantAvailable in 1.5", 1.75" and 2.25", there is a choice for everyone!  Add a split key ring and take your favorite fragrance on the go with you.  If you love custom jewelry and essential oils, add a twisted rope or adjustable necklace and enjoy the benefits of that lavender all day long!  

When I asked Keith what his plans are for the air fresheners, he said he's Button Air FreshenerAir Freshener Harvest Applethinking definitely pine for the winter and holidays.  They will make great gifts for clients and coworkers as well as stocking stuffers for those hanging on your mantel.  Have a coffee lover in your life?  How about a mocha scent?  Keith had the perfect design for that one!   Who doesn't love pumpkin or a little harvest apple in the fall?  He has one for that, too!  As wedding favors their perfect and the season is upon us!

You can always count on great ideas and inspiration when you join us in The Pinback Button Making Community!  It's a family of supportive, creative minds that share their knowledge to make each other the best button maker they can be.  You are also the very first to know about all of the fun new happenings, coupons and contest at ABM like our Weekly Winner!  Keith Gillette will tell you how easy it is to win an ABM Gift Card just for doing what you love and sharing it!  See you there soon!

The Pinback Button Making Community


By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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what about using sublimation air freshener car sheets sticky to a back of a 2.25 or 3.00 or 3.25 button with your favorite scent to sell as car fresheners

Henry White on

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