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Build-a-Button 6.0 Text Upgrades

Build-a-Button 6.0 is a powerful button design software that just became even greater!  

BAB 6.0 Text UpgradeText is one of the most important components in any button design.  Having creative flexibility and control is crucial to the process and helps make a perfectly balanced button.  The all new BAB 6.0 is absolutely jam packed with font fabulousness!  We've included things like a path tool that lets you create a shape for your words to follow.  You can also make those words perfect with over 600 stock fonts and the ability to upload your favorite additional fonts.  We've even included a convenient monogram tool with different styles and shapes.  There are so many great features and you can read about all of them in our article "Build-a-Button 6.0 - A Unique Button Design Experience".

Our latest amazing feature is the ability to preview your font changes in real time Build-a-Button Text Toolall on one screen.  Did you add curved text and decide maybe it would look better if it curved up instead of down?  What would it look like straight?  Maybe it should be a little bigger or a little smaller.  What about a different font?  You can change it all from one panel and see the results right there on the screen without having to delete it and make a new one each time.  It gives you the easiest, ultimate creative control ever over your design!

Don't forget, BAB 6.0 is free from now until 4/30/20 so you can give it a try today!  If you're already using 6.0 you will need to clear your cache to get this update working on your system.  Once you've made your button-tastic masterpiece why not share it with friends in The Pinback Button Making Group with a professional mockup?  We can't wait to see you and all of your creations there but until then, happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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