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ABM Video Series: How to Prepare and Cut Circular Button Graphics

Many times, button making projects involve the creation of bulk sums of buttons. Sure, every now and then you make 5-10 at a time for a small, specific purpose; but, most of the time you are making hundreds or even thousands of buttons and want to make sure that you are being as efficient as possible. Today's entry in the ABM Video Series aims to provide useful step-by-step info and a visual tutorial that will help you prepare circular button graphics when you are doing a bulk project. Here are the typical steps you will want to follow when producing buttons in bulk:
  1. Prepare your circular button graphics using a button design software program, and then print as many as possible -- neatly and evenly laid out -- on pieces of the paper stock you are using.
  2. Get a straight edge paper cutter ready for use.
  3. Using the printed paper stock and straight edge cutter, slice your button design stock into even, single columnar strips.
  4. Get your punch cutter ready.
  5. Insert your graphic strip into the punch cutter...then punch! (Do so by centering your graphic and pushing the handle down.)
  6. Remove the perfectly cut, circular, button-ready graphic and slide the strip up so the next one is centered. Repeat 5 & 6 until all are cut.
And, for the record, why is a punch cutter such a great tool for this type of job?  
  • Allows you to easily center and cut graphics.
  • Self-sharpening with no blades required.
  • Lifetime warranty!
  Now, here is the video for all of the visual learners out there!  

Video: How to Properly Prepare and Cut Circular Button Graphics

[flv: 350 250]

Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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