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ABM Video How-To Series: Aligning and Cutting Button Graphics Using a Punch Cutter

What is as smooth as a butterfly's flutter? And as precise as Tiger Woods' putter? It slices paper like a hot knife through butter, Ladies and gents, it's our peerless punch cutter!
That's right, we welcome you back to the ABM Video Series, where today we educate you on the simple process for lining up and cutting button graphics using a punch cutter. Here are the steps, and you can follow along as you watch the video:
  1. Get a punch cutter!
  2. If you ignored Step 1 above, take this opportunity to rectify that mistake and get a punch cutter!
  3. Prepare a single-column strip of pre-made button graphics on your button paper of choice.
  4. Insert your graphic strip into the punch cutter.
  5. Center your graphic.
  6. Push the punch cutter handle down.
  7. For good luck, and to ensure proper cooperation by your punch cutter, say "higitus, figitus, zumba-kuh-zee!" (Why? Well, because it worked for this guy so why not?)
  8. Move your strip to the next graphic and center it.
  9. Repeat steps 6 & 7 simultaneously, then step 8 until all of your graphics have been cut.
Now, see for yourself! Video: How To Align and Cut Button Graphics Using a Punch Cutter

[flv: 350 250]

And don't forget to get your punch cutter from American Button Machines, where we have any size you could need.

Unless, of course, you are a magician like Merlin -- in which case you can probably wave your wand and conjure up a few magic words to ***poof*** cut perfect, circular graphics -- because then you wouldn't need a punch cutter.

But if you're not a magician, visit us and we promise to take good care of any button making need you may have.

Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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