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ABM Template Tutorial Video Series: Photoshop Elements

We had so much fun and received such a positive response for our how to make a button videos that we decided it was time to bring you, our loyal readers and customers, another video series. And so here we are this morning, excited to unveil the first video in our exciting Template Tutorial Video Series. The goal of this series is quite simple: we want to show you how to create perfectly sized graphics for button making. Each video post will include two primary tools to accomplish this:
  1. A video that takes you through the step-by-step process for creating your graphic
  2. A downloadable template for the graphics program being discussed.
Today we are going to deal with Photoshop Elements, one of the most popular graphics programs available today. The video that you see in this post takes you through the process for creating a 2.25" image that can be used for making a 2.25" button. Here is what you will need to follow along:
  • The volume turned up on your computer so that you can hear the instructions.
  • Your source photo, image, or logo that you are looking to manipulate.
  • A working copy of Photoshop Elements. (Note: the video below was prepared using Photoshop Elements Version 6.0. You should be able to use any version of Photoshop Elements and be able to follow along easily.)
  • We have free photoshop button maker templates available for all button sizes that are free for you to download.
You can also go to our main website to find additional button templates that are free for download for additional sizes and programs. And don't forget to browse our product line of button machines to ensure that you have the right machine and button supplies for your current and future projects. Once you have everything ready, hit play on the video below be prepared to soak in the knowledge!  
Update: Our video that shows you how to copy an individual button graphic across the entire page has now been posted.
Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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