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Using a 1” Button Making Machine to Make Keychains

There are a number of other novelty items that can be quickly and easily produced with a button making machine, including keychains, ponytail holders, and zipper pulls.

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While we always want you to come visit us here at the friendly confines of The Button Blog, make sure that you also check us out on Twitter and Facebook as well. We want to be sure that you can access our content and us (should you ever have questions or need us!) in the most convenient way possible. So, to follow us on Twitter, go to To become our fan on Facebook, go to And, of course, don't forget about our discussions forum, which is still the easiest and quickest way to get feedback from us. We...

How to Make a Custom DIY Pinback Badge Button

This video, created and provided by American Button Machines, shows you how to use a button machine to make a custom DIY pinback badge button.

How To Prepare Pinback Button Graphics and Use Adjustable Rotary Cutter

An adjustable rotary cutter is an important tool for anyone looking to make custom pinback buttons with their own button maker. With a rotary cutter, a tremendous amount of time is saved in preparing the necessary button making supplies.

Creative March Madness Idea: Pinback Button Survivor Pool

It is the final week of February and you know what that least for all the sports fans out there: March Madness 2010 is just around the corner. Even if you are not an avid sports fan, you undoubtedly are familiar with March Madness. This is the term used to describe the month-long process of conference tournaments and then the 65-team national tournament that ultimately results in the crowning of a single champion in mens college basketball. It has been estimated that this yearly event costs businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity as employees research matchups to fill...



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