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ABM Template Tutorial Video Series: Open Office Free Button Making Software

Today, we are highlighting Open Office (program that you can download for free from and making the creation of button graphics easy with a video tutorial and templates.

ABM Template Tutorial Video Series: Photoshop Elements

The video that you see in this post takes you through the process for creating a 2.25" image that can be used for making a 2.25" button.

Customer Spotlight:

We are back with another edition of The ABM Customer Spotlight. In our first installment, we told you about ABM customer Barrel of Monkeys. Today, we take a trip halfway across the globe -- all the way to Australia -- to tell you about

Introducing 1 inch Ponytail Sets!

When ancient man needed to find a more efficient mode of transportation, it resulted in the invention of the wheel in Mesopotamia around the 5th millenium B.C. When colonial American man needed a way to light dark rooms other than the candle, it led to the inspiration of that famous stormy night in Philadelphia and, ultimately, the invention of electricity. And when society was plagued by loaf after loaf of frustratingly unsliced bread, it led to what was, at the time, the greatest invention in the history of the world and perhaps the entire universe. Yes, you know of what...

Customer Spotlight: Barrel of Monkeys

Hello! My name is Jill Hamilton-Krawczyk. I live in an eclectic little house in Michigan with my husband and our mischievously adorable black pug named Buddha. By day, I am the graphic designer at a small university. By night, I design and create pinback buttons. My button designs vary greatly – funny and whimsical, sarcastic and serene, animals and quotes, cameras, pets and much more. I have created countless custom buttons and I offer wholesale pricing for large quantities. I use only professional button machines and quality button parts to make all my items.


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