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Customer Spotlight: Fun New Buttons From ABM Customers!

It's time for another installment of the ABM Customer Spotlight, where you submit your buttons to us and we proudly display them here at The Button Blog. Our first set of buttons comes from Carrie Heck, who says the following:
I'm a Cosmetology Instructor and I make buttons for my students when they successfully pass a unit of study. The students proudly wear their button on their name-tag lanyard. We also play unit review games, and the winning prize is a pocket mirror in which I have inserted an organza ribbon tab before the second press. To "bling" the buttons, I affix a rhinestone or other item to the finished button. I use Adobe PhotoShop Elements, free graphics I've found on the internet, and templates from ABM. Thanks ABM for all the products, videos you offer for your customers!


Next up is Deboe Valdez from, who has submitted an image of some fun Christmas ornaments:
I wanted to do some Christmas Ornaments with a character I created and when I went to research on how to do them, there wasn't a lot of information. So necessity being the mother of invention, I figured it out. I tied a piece of 6" ribbon with a knot at the end. Slid the knot through the pin and hot glued the ribbon to the back. I have the cutest personalized Christmas ornaments that are SELLING!!!!!! I'm doing the Snoopy Happy Dance!


We move on now to Tamara Hess, from, who says this about her buttons:

I create small original illustrations for my 1.25" buttons! They are a big hit at all the Christmas bazaars. Thanks for making such amazing button machines.

You're welcome Tamara! Thanks for designing such cool buttons...and sharing them!



And finally, from Karen Bingham of, come some more fun Christmas ornaments.

I'm making tree ornaments for a new holiday tradition. I took the pin out of the back so the little ones wouldn't hurt themselves, this would be even better with flat backs. I'm going to choose one and send out instead of Christmas cards. I took a bit of ribbon for the hanger, used a tiny bit of scotch tape to tape to the pin back (with the pin holes at the botton) and then pressed like a regular button. I'm going to pick out for this year and do a different one next year. My problem? Which one to pick!! I like them all. Any help would be appreciated.

You can view all of Karen's buttons (and help her choose for next year!)



If you would like to share your buttons with the ABM community, click here and do so!

Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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