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The Best Ways to use Buttons in School

Back to School Buttons How to use Buttons in School

Did you hear that? Is that the bell warning us a new school year is about to begin?  Summer seems to get shorter every year.  Are you not quite ready for the back to school craziness? Good news - ABM can help! We designed our School, Sports & Fun CD specifically for schools like yours and include it FREE in every School Series Button Making Kits (it is also available for purchase separately). In addition, you’ll find other school friendly designs at the ABM MarketPlace.  And let's not forget Build-a-Button.  An easy to use and affordable button design software which gives you the ability to create your own button artwork. Build-a-Button is available in monthly, quarterly or yearly memberships. Be sure to ask us about the super-special School Membership! Or, better yet, how to score a FREE membership. Here are the best ways to use Buttons in your school:     Buttons in School Buttons make greatSchool Buttons • Awards – Spelling Bee Champ, Star Student • Incentives – Flashing Button for Highest test score • Rewards – Good behavior, improved grades • Gifts – Birthday key chain or zipper pull • Tokens to collect &/or trade during recess Buttons help • Raise Awareness – anti bullying, anti drug, learning differences • Identify Classroom Leaders – line leader, reading leader, hall monitor • Identify Student Council Members – Class President, VP, Treasurer • Promote School Spirit – Everyone wears a mascot button on Friday • Raise Funds – Sell sports and band photo buttons or mascot key chains Last, but not least, buttons make a special welcome souvenir for the first day of school! Give each child a personalized button they can wear for the first few days of class to help them, and you, get to know each other. 'Til next time - Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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