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American Button Machine Review: Flashing LED Buttons

American Button Machine Review of Flashing LED Buttons One of our coolest new products is the ability to add a flashing LED to any button. The smallest button size the LED will fit on is a 1.5” button. The Greatness of Flashing LED Buttons There are several pros involved in the creation of a flashing LED button: They are incredibly energy efficient, which means that the lights on your buttons will last a looooooong time. In fact, our LED assembly comes with two long-life LR41 coin batteries. You can add two, three, or four LEDs to a single button depending...

American Button Machines Review: Dynamo Hand-Held Punch Cutter

Dynamo Hand-Held Punch Cutter Specs Dimensions: 8.5x2.5x3.5 Weight: .95 lbs (less than a pound) Material Type: Metal Used For: Punch graphics for 1” buttons. Final graphic cutting size is 1.313”. Current Price: $74.95 American Button Machines Review Of the many tools we offer at American Button Machines, the Dynamo Hand-Held Punch Cutter is one of the easiest to use and most lightweight. This special punch cutter combines the best aspects of two already great products, borrowing precision from the heavy-duty tabletop punch cutter and lightweight portability from the adjustable circle cutter. Even better, it’s less expensive than both those tools....

Using a 1” Button Making Machine to Make Keychains

There are a number of other novelty items that can be quickly and easily produced with a button making machine, including keychains, ponytail holders, and zipper pulls.

How To Prepare Pinback Button Graphics and Use Adjustable Rotary Cutter

An adjustable rotary cutter is an important tool for anyone looking to make custom pinback buttons with their own button maker. With a rotary cutter, a tremendous amount of time is saved in preparing the necessary button making supplies.

Best Campaign Buttons from the 2008 Presidential Election

Seeing as how we are American Button Machines, we figured it would be fitting to give a quick rundown of the best campaign buttons from the 2008 Presidential Election, while also discussing the history and purpose of political buttons in general.


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