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Sports Photo Buttons - Why Sports Buttons are Great Fundraisers for High Schools

Photo buttons, and specifically sports photo buttons, are great fundraisers for high schools. The buttons look great and are cheap to produce, and can provide a nice profit margin and ROI for any high school fundraising program.

3 Campaign Button Making Tips for Elementary School Kid Campaigns

One of the most exciting experiences for an elementary school kid is participating in his or her first campaign. In some schools, campaigns for class president, vice president, and treasurer begin as early as third grade! What makes these experiences extra special for the kids is when the adults treat them as "real" as possible. And if we're writing about it here on The Button Blog, you know that can only mean one thing: it's time to talk campaign buttons! And this time, we're talking about them for the kiddos, not the adults. So what kinds of things should you...

Make your own chunky necklaces!

I know what you're thinking: wait, you mean a button machine merchant can help me make necklaces? You bet we can! Not only do we have a 1.5" necklace kit that works with paper or fabric buttons, we also have an adjustable necklace you can use to proudly and fashionably wear your button necklace. And that's not all. We are actually the only place where you turn your incredible, wonderful, charming buttons into a chunky necklace that will make you the envy of buttoneers everywhere! Yes, one of our newest products is the 2.25" Chunky Necklace kit. With the enormous...

So Many Options with 6" Buttons

This post discusses a variety of uses for the 6" button, including as a display button, a fabric button, or even a tic-tac-toe board!

Button University Lesson 2: Button Sizes - Choosing the Right One

On Friday, we introduced you to our new series of posts that highlight some of the information available at the Button University resource of our main website. The first post in the series provided step-by-step instructions for any button making project. Today, we delve into an important decision that must be made when you are making buttons: with all of the different button sizes available, which one should you use for your project?


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