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Puns on Buttons

Good Puns (on buttons) are their own Reword Puns on buttons are a sure way to get laughs and perhaps start a conversation.  Giving you the opportunity to make a new friend.  I think most people love a good pun. And, in my opinion, the best are the kind that make you roll your eyes (in the way generally reserved for teenagers) and shake your head silently while grinning ear to ear. Those that leave you simultaneously asking for more and begging the punner to quit pun-ishing you. Knee-slappers, groaners… you know what I mean. And when it’s a visual...

Button Mylar Accent Rings: Little Pops of Color

Accent Rings: An economical way to add snap and excitement to buttons Sometimes you want to step it up and add a little pizzazz to your photo buttons. You’ve got your button maker, button parts and photo paper ready but what else can you do (other than adding a flashing led) to add pop and sparkle to a button? May I bring to you, the least known button making accessory with the biggest heart. Heart??? Yes, I will explain a little later… Announcing the incredible dual-purpose-always-in-demand-razzmatazz-mylar-foil accent ring! Brightly colored mylar foil accent rings are a cost effective way to...

How to Make a Mirror Button - Tutorial

Making a mirror back button using a favorite photo or fabric is fun and very easy to do! You might have heard them referred to before as a pocket mirror or purse mirror. Our complete mirror button sets include everything you need to make a mirror back button, Mylar, Front Shell, Collet Back, Mirror Shim and Genuine Glass Mirror.   We offer several mirror sizes to choose from: Industry Standard Size: 2.25" Mirror Button Set, 3" Mirror Button Set and 3.5" Mirror Button Set. Badge-a-Minit Size: BAM 2.25" Mirror Button Set   We have put together this step-by-step tutorial to guide...

Video Tutorial: How To Make Flashing LED Buttons

In this video, we show you the easy step-by-step process required to turn your standard buttons into fun, flashing little mini billboards that you can pin anywhere!

Campaign Buttons Are Sexy ... And We Have Indisputable Proof!

Fact: George Clooney was once the recipient of People Magazine's prestigious honor of "Sexiest Man Alive." Fact: George Clooney was featured in a Parade Magazine article wearing a jacket decorated with a plethora of vintage campaign buttons. Thus, by making liberal use of the transitive property, we can conclude that campaign buttons are the sexiest buttons alive. So what are you waiting for? Check out one of our sexy campaign button maker kits!   Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM



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