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Make your own chunky necklaces!

I know what you're thinking: wait, you mean a button machine merchant can help me make necklaces? You bet we can! Not only do we have a 1.5" necklace kit that works with paper or fabric buttons, we also have an adjustable necklace you can use to proudly and fashionably wear your button necklace. And that's not all. We are actually the only place where you turn your incredible, wonderful, charming buttons into a chunky necklace that will make you the envy of buttoneers everywhere! chunky-necklace-with-shadow1 Yes, one of our newest products is the 2.25" Chunky Necklace kit. With the enormous popularity of personalized chunky necklaces, this was a no-brainer for us to bring to market. Here is everything that you get with our kit, which allows you to make your very own chunky necklace:
  • 2.25" Front Shell
  • Necklace Back
  • Mylar
  • Tab and jump ring to make your own printed graphic or fabric covered necklace.
And here are the couldn't-be-easier directions: simply make a button as usual and then add your own chain to complete the look you want. Basically, you have the freedom to create any chunky necklace you want, and we supply the parts, pieces, and directions so that you can do so easily and effortlessly. All you have to decide is which type of necklace is right for you: the 1.5" button size or the new 2.25" button size? With the latter, you can also use monogrammed buttons or even photo buttons (with a picture of your child, perhaps?). Button necklaces make great gifts, they are great for supporting cause or teams, and they are hits at craft shows and fairs. And if you run a button business, they typically generate nice margins because of their uniqueness as a product. For more information and to purchase: 2.25" Chunky Necklace Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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