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The Button Blog - American Button Machines — Fabric Buttons

Our solution for a common issue with fabric covered badge reels

Some hospitals are not too keen on nurses wearing buttons covered with fabric while on the job. But wouldn't you know it...we have a solution!

Button Ups: Some Helpful Button Making Do's (and one don't)

Everyone has heard of the phrases "thumbs up" and "thumbs down." When you agree with something, or when something is good, you give it a thumbs up to emphasize your agreement. When you disagree with something, or when something is not good, you give it a thumbs down to emphasize your disagreement. Well here at American Button Machines, we do this...but a little differently. And - surprise, surprise! - our version of it includes buttons. When something is good that we like, we say button ups! And when something doesn't meet our approval, we say, button downs. And yes, we...

Make your own chunky necklaces!

I know what you're thinking: wait, you mean a button machine merchant can help me make necklaces? You bet we can! Not only do we have a 1.5" necklace kit that works with paper or fabric buttons, we also have an adjustable necklace you can use to proudly and fashionably wear your button necklace. And that's not all. We are actually the only place where you turn your incredible, wonderful, charming buttons into a chunky necklace that will make you the envy of buttoneers everywhere! Yes, one of our newest products is the 2.25" Chunky Necklace kit. With the enormous...

So Many Options with 6" Buttons

This post discusses a variety of uses for the 6" button, including as a display button, a fabric button, or even a tic-tac-toe board!

Button University Lesson 9: Fabric Button Machines and Systems

Our Fabric Button Machine allows you to make your own fabric buttons or ponytail holders! In fact, Using our large eyelet two-piece button sets, fabric covered buttons can be attached to shoe laces, flip flops, shoe charms, hair ties & more!


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