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Our solution for a common issue with fabric covered badge reels

One of our hottest, most popular products is the fabric covered badge reel. Not only are they fun and easy to make, but they extraordinarily useful for anyone who needs quick and easy access to a badge throughout their day. A good example of this is nurses, with whom monogrammed badge reels are especially popular. Unfortunately though, some hospitals are not too keen on nurses wearing buttons covered with fabric while on the job. But wouldn't you know it...we have a solution!

You now have the option to cover your fabric button with the same mylar (clear plastic) that is normally used to cover paper buttons. The clear plastic cover keeps the fabric dirt free and is easy to wash with a damp cloth.

Note: you cannot use a standard fabric button machine to make this type of button. Adding a layer of mylar on top of the fabric will increase the thickness of the material.

That is where our expertise comes in. We can adjust our fabric button makers specifically to accept the additional thickness! All you have to do is ask before you place your order, and we can custom-make a fabric button machine just for you! And if you already own a button machine and want to make fabric buttons that have a mylar covering, we can even retrofit your machine for you. To learn more, use the following links:

Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABMSave

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