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Summer Fun, Buttons and Giveaways!

School's out for the Summer and opportunities for fun abound but sadly, sometimes that fun requires money.  The biggest decision when your new found freedom starts is "what am I going to do today?" but that can quickly become overshadowed by "how am I going to pay for that fun?"  Never fear!  ABM is here to once again save the day! 

Buttons Equal CashEveryone loves to have fun and if you can do something fun AND get paid for it, that is nothing short of utopian.  As anyone who has ever made a button can tell you, it is definitely fun and you can absolutely make money doing it so there you have it - the recipe for the perfect Summer job is buttons, of course! 

ABM has your key to success with everything a budding entrepreneur could need.  All you Button Making Kithave to do is decide what size button you want to make and purchase one of our all inclusive button making kits which deliver everything you need to get started making buttons right out of the box!  You not only get the actual button maker, but it comes with your choice of graphic cutter, a supply of button parts in the quantity you would like, 2 graphics CDs with clip art to help enhance your button-y masterpieces, 1 Button Essentials CD with tips, tricks and templates and the icing on the cake - FREE SHIPPING! Once this box of button magnificence arrives, you are in business and on your way to fabulous Summer fun!  

You can always broaden your horizons (and your bank account) by offering even more great products from ABM.  Include key chains, magnets, bottle openers, mirrors, ponytail holders, zipper pulls - the list goes on and on!  You'll make money and your friends will have unique, custom swag so everybody wins!

Versa-Back Split Key Ring SetSelf Adhesive MagnetMetal Bottle OpenerMirror Back ButtonZipper Pull

When the Summer sun sets and it's back to business for many of us, there is no reason the good times have to come to an end. With a minimal time investment, you can earn Christmas money, spending money for the latest and greatest electronics, date cash or buy that perfect outfit you've been dying for.  You can even get ambitious and save up during the year for an amazing vacation next Summer!  Sandy beaches and sunshine, all courtesy of those cute little buttons!  

The sky is the limit and the potential is limitless.  All you need is a little creativity, a little bit of time and a whole lot of ABM Products!

To help get you started, or to help you get even greater, we are giving everybody the Contest at ABMopportunity to share in the Summer fun and win 1 full month of our Build-a-Button Design Center!  All you have to do is send us a picture of your Summer themed button and if you are one of the first 5 received, we will give you 150 ABM Bonus Reward Points AND 1 full month of Build-a-Button Design Center!  To make it even better, if you send us a picture of you making the button you submit, we will give you an entire Summer's worth of Build-a-Button! That's right - 3 full months on us to make the best buttons ever!  Everybody who sends us a Summer button will receive 100 ABM Bonus Reward Points so everybody wins!  Just send your submission to us at and watch our Facebook page for your button!

Until next time - happy button making! 

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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