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Starting a Button Business With Button Works by Joseph

Starting a button business is a labor of love and the perfect opportunity for a young entrepreneur.  At ABM, we are lucky to be a part of the magic for one such budding business, Button Works by Joseph.  

Button Works by JosephJoseph is an amazing young man who truly knows what it means to make a difference in the world and he is doing just that with his new button business.  Not only is he building a future for himself , he is helping build a future for others in his community by donating 5% of his net profits to local Autism resources that are making a daily difference for those whose lives have been touched by Autism.

We had a chance to catch up with Joseph and he had this to say, "I became Button Works Dum Duminterested in making buttons and magnets after volunteering to help make some for my local Fredrickson Library last holiday season.  When I discovered how fun and creative it was to produce buttons, I decided to start this business as a way to share positive messages, help people promote their businesses or celebrate family events."

Button Works Display"I purchased and received the equipment and supplies from American Button Machines in early February and received an order to produce custom buttons only a week later, along with several other custom orders.  In addition, I have been selling custom buttons and magnets at Old Sled Works in Duncannon since the beginning of July. I hope to have small displays at other retail locations soon.  Regardless of whether you purchase an individual button or a custom order, 5% of the net profits will benefit local Autism resources."

To help Joseph in his button making journey, ABM sent him a $50 Gift Card to add to his button supply stash.  Do you have a special button making story?  We'd love to hear it!  Tell us all about it at and you may be featured in our next Customer Spotlight.

We are proud to have Button Works by Joseph as a part of the ABM family of button makers.  We can't wait to see what he does next!  Until next time, happy button making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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