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New Product Announcement: Clix Magnetic Interchangeable Pendant Blanks

Back in January, we told you about Magneta-Snaps Interchangeable Jewelry, then the latest addition to our ever-burgeoning line of button making products and accessories. Today, we have even better news! We are extending our line of interchangeable magnetic jewelry to include a product that is just as fun, yet somehow even more convenient than Magneta-Snaps: Introducing...Clix Magnetic Interchangeable Pendant Blanks! First, here is a picture, then we'll tell you all of the wonderful details that make this such a highly anticipated product.

The Single Coolest Thing About Clix

The single coolest thing about Clix Magnetic Interchangeable Pendant Blanks is that they have a magnet integrated right into the pendant. What does this mean? Convenience and cost savings, of course!

With Clix, you do not have to buy nor affix a magnet to the pendant. You just create your 1" flat back buttons with a button machine, snap them in, and you're good to go!

Other Wonderful Aspects of Clix

Now let us count the additional ways that Clix pendant blanks are wonderful:
  1. They are made of zinc alloy and then plated with high-quality nickel-free imitation rhodium to create a polished, shiny finish.
  2. Each pendant blank features decorative edging around the outside of the bezel, which beautifully accentuates your designs.
  3. They are specifically designed for 1" flat back buttons, which means that your Clix pendant is limited only by the horizon of your 1" button imagination.
  4. Because of the strong hematite magnet embedded in the base of the pendant, flat back buttons fit and stay securely in the pendant base until you change them.
  5. Changing the button in and out could only be easier with magic. All you do is press on the edge of button and - voila! - remove it.
  6. Cleaning the Clix pendant also could only be easier with magic. If it requires cleaning, just wipe it off with a soft damp cloth. That's it.

What Do I Make!? Where Can I Used Them!?

We know that these are the immediate questions swirling around in the maelstrom of excitement that is your button-loving brain right now. So let us answer them: What To Make Well, that's easy: anything you want! Remember, you're just popping a simple one-inch flat-back button into the Clix pendant blank - there is no magnet required. So you can essentially design any type of pendant you choose based on what button you make. Want to use your favorite photo? Go for it. And to use an image or design you've created? Do so! Have a child's artwork that you want to display? Make the button and "clix" it in! Choose any design you want, make your button, and snap it into the pendant blank to create a unique, one-of-a kind piece of jewelry. Where To Use Them Of course, you do not have to just make pendants for yourself. There are myriad ways and places that Clix Magnetic Interchangeable Pendant Blanks can be used. They are great for fundraisers, business promotions, school events, and more. Again, you are limited only by one thing: your imagination and ability to whip up a 1" button. And with all of the supplies and suggestions available here, that ability should be unlimited.

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