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Maker Space 307 - Button Maker of the Month for April!

Maker Space 307, in the Frank B. Wise Building, Fort Washakie, Wyoming, is a non-profit organization that supports creativity in the community by providing space, equipment and opportunity for learning in an environment that fosters and encourages their visitors to dream big. In Maker Space 307 (MS307) people can work independently or as a team to create art, industry, widgets or new technology. Through project based programs, children and adults can learn how to create and share their own world of “stuff.”  

They were kind enough to share some of that amazing “stuff” with us this month in what
are some of the most beautiful buttons you’ll see.  During a recent event they held, over 600 buttons were made in just 1 day by people who had never made buttons before but were eager to try their hand at designing their own little masterpiece.  Using 1” buttons, participants were able to choose from a selection of dried flowers and leaves to make their own one of a kind piece of jewelry.  Among the offerings were both pendants and earrings with matching necklaces.  The event was so successful they were asked to come to local schools and help the kids make Mother’s Day buttons using the 2.25” buttons and the beautiful dried flowers.  What child wouldn’t wonder at the awe and excitement when you pull the handle down on a button maker and wait for the finished surprise?  They have a treasure they are proud of and Mom gets a gift uniquely hers that she will truly cherish for a lifetime.  As a bonus, they also had the opportunity to learn about indigenous plant species, non indigenous plant species, plant hardiness zone systems and leaf skeletons in their environment.  What a beautifully creative way to learn!

In May, Maker Space is turning 5 and to celebrate they are hosting birthday parties in 3 of the local communities they serve.  Once again they will be featuring a button making station but because it’s a party, there has to be flashing lights!  They will be using our LED kits to create some fantastic flashing buttons.  Flashing buttons and cake – THAT sounds like a party!

MS307 staff developed fun workshops where no experience is necessary for all of the applications of technology there are and they are incorporating as many free and open source tools as possible in order to demonstrate that all this new technology is really accessible for anyone with imagination, the internet and a computer.  The creation of a brick and mortar space like MS307 acknowledges the importance of community and emphasizes that sharing ideas and resources propels everyone farther and so much faster than any one person can go alone.

If you're doing something your proud of with your buttons or helping to make the world a better place with your button-y creations, let us know!  You can have your own 15 minutes of fame and $50 worth of FREE ABM PRODUCTS!!  Just send us your short story with pictures or a video and you could find yourself crowned as our next button-tasic hero!  Until next time - happy button making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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